Azure Data Studio Tips And Tricks


Who will say NO to when they want to improve the speed and efficiency of writing SQL Queries?. Azure Data Studio has more features to improve efficient way of writing SQL Queries. In this article, we will have a look some Tips and Tricks in Azure Data Studio

Command Palette

If we want to access the Azure Data Studio’s commands, we can use Command Palette which prompts many Azure Data Studio’s Command. Commands can be anything like Updating the current code, Connecting to another data source or anything in change settings. The Command Palette is designed for performing actions from the keyboard.

Shortcut Key: CTRL + Shift +P
Fig 1. Command Palette

Transform to Uppercase or Lowercase

 Highlight the text that we want to transform to Uppercase or to Lowercase. By using Command Palette, type either Upper or Lower. Press Enter to transform.

Fig 2. Transform to Upper Or Lower

Move a line up or down

We don’t need to cut and paste to move a line up or to down.

Shortcut Key: alt + up or alt + down
Fig 3. Move a Line Up or Down

Auto Save

Turn on Auto Save, so we’ll never forget to save our work

Auto Save is disabled by default. To enable:

  • Click the File menu
  • Tick Auto Save
Fig. 4 Auto Save

Change all occurrences of text

Want to rename something, and in all the places it’s used. Then try Change all occurrences.

Shortcut: CTRL + F2
Fig 5. Challenge All occurrence


In this article, we discussed some effective tips to improve our query writing in Azure Data Studio. I hope you all found this article useful. Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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