One Drop Statement For Multiple Tables In SQL Server

Introduction When as a developer working in a database, which is in Development state, we may create some physical tables or temp tables to check the logic. Or based on the initial requirement we may have created more tables as part of Normalizing the data and our reviewer may suggest some better ideas to accommodate... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Drop Table, Truncate Table & Delete Table in MS SQL Server – Zero to Hero Query Master – Part 6

Introduction In this article, we will discuss the difference between Drop Table, Truncate Table, Delete Table. To perform dropping, deleting and truncating a table, I am creating three tables. With these three tables let's look into more:  Students.StudentDetailsStudents.StudentMarks Students.StudentClass Drop TableThe syntax for dropping a table in MS SQL is,  Syntax DROP TABLE TableName Example DROP... Continue Reading →

Tables in Database- MS SQL Server – Zero to Hero Query Master – Part 5

Introduction All the data in a database is stored in a Table, which is a data object. Data is organized in Rows and Columns in a table and each row represents a unique record while each column represents a field in the record Types of Tables SQL Server provides the following types of tables that... Continue Reading →

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