DAX Basics in Power BI

Introduction In Power BI, we can do a limited amount of calculations using Power Query Editor, but that is not enough to perform. For that we have DAX. DAX means Data Analysis Expression is an inbuild function which is the formula language that is used by Power BI. DAX is developed by Microsoft to interact... Continue Reading →

Power BI Basic Data Transformation Technique

Introduction When working in a large set of Data, definitely we cannot use the data as it is. We need to perform some refinements so that we can exactly look into the data in which we are interested. In Power BI, this process is called Data Transformation, which can be done in different ways. In... Continue Reading →

Query Editor in Power BI for Data Transformation

Introduction From our previous articles, we know how to load data into our Power BI from various data sources. But that exact data is not enough to create our Power BI reports. We need to shape those data, that is refine the data, adding new columns, renaming the columns and many other improvements to create... Continue Reading →

Power BI Change Data Type of a Column

Introduction Mostly the Power BI Desktop tool automatically detects the datatype of a column based on its value. Sometime it detects wrong datatype because Power BI automatically detects all these column data types as text (mostly) or as some other datatype formats. Say for an example, the Number's may be converted to Text datatype or... Continue Reading →

Preparing Data For Power BI Report and Dashboard

Introduction In this article, we will discuss about the steps that we need to flow to prepare an Interactive Reports and Dashboards using the Data in Power BI. Import Data from Data Source First thing is we have to load the data from the data sources. In our previous articles we have discussed about this,... Continue Reading →

Power BI Tips and Tricks – Power BI Dashboard Tutorials

Introduction Who will say to NO to know some tips and tricks which will improve our productivity and also makes task simpler. In this article, we will discuss some important simple tips and tricks in Power BI to create Dashboards and reports. 5 Simple Tips and Tricks If we want to keep same visualization for... Continue Reading →

Connect Power BI With Different Data Sources

Introduction In the previous article, we discussed about the different data sources that can provide data for Power BI. In this article we will learn how to connect those data sources with Power BI. I recommend you to refer the previous article to get better understanding. As mentioned before, in this article we will learn,... Continue Reading →

Data sources for the Power BI

Introduction In this article, we will learn "How to connect Power BI with difference Data Sources". With Power BI, we can connect different types of data such like from Excel to Online data. Connecting Power BI with Different Data Sources Select Get Data option from the Home Menu in the Ribbon tool. This will list... Continue Reading →

What is Power BI Desktop – Quick Overview to Power BI Desktop

Introduction If we want to access Power BI for FREE, then Power BI Desktop is option, a free application that we can install on our local computer that lets us connect to, transform, and visualize your data. We can create Data Model by connection to multiple different data sources. With this data model we can build... Continue Reading →

What is Power BI

Introduction With Microsoft Power BI we can quickly connect to our data and visualize as much or as little as we like and creates stunning reports and dashboards to help get insights into the business, which helps to make decisions. To make decisions we need data, that only the business data. In this article, we... Continue Reading →

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