Project Folder Structure of MAUI (Preview 6)

Introduction For any project, the folder structure is very important. We can organize the files and also if required, we can amend our changes easily. In this article, we will see the default Folder Structure of MAUI Preview 6. If you are new to this article, I would like to strongly recommend you to have... Continue Reading →

Introduction to .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) – An Overview

Introduction What if we are able to create native Mobile apps, Desktop apps using .NET C# and XAML from a single code base?. !!! How cool it will be right ?. Yes, now we can create native Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows applications from a single code base. This is possible using .NET's new feature... Continue Reading →

Monolithic vs Microservice Architecture

Introduction Most of web application developer might discussed about Monolithic vs Microservice. Now a days we can develop better web application with either these options. Its all important that which one is right our needs. In this article, we will discusses both of these architecture and you can decide which architecture is needed for application... Continue Reading →

Hangfire – .NET Background Tasks

Introduction In this article, We will discuss about the Hangfire, an open source framework, which is used to run background tasks in .NET. In general, we may need an application which run's in the background based on the code nature, that is, it may take long time to execute and users does not want to... Continue Reading →

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