Find Database Owner In SQL Server


In this simple article, let’s explore different ways to find a Database owner. When a database is created, generally who creates it owns it and they have all permissions on that database. The Owner can perform maintenance of the database, grant permissions to other users, and even drop the database.

Different Ways to Find Database Owner

Using T-SQL Statements

    name AS DatabaseName, 
    suser_sname( owner_sid ) AS DBOwner, 
	create_date AS DBCreatedOn
FROM sys.databases

The created database details are stored in sys.databases table, and the owner_sid column holds the owner details in binary format, we need to convert it to result in Characters and the suser_sname function converts it. The above T-SQL Statement results as,

Fig. 1 Database Owners

Using SSMS

Using SSMS, we can also find the Owner of the database by right clicking the Database (the one we want to know the owner) and select the Properties. The General tab shows the Owner Name.

Fig. 2 Choose the Database and select the Properties
Fig. 3 General Page shows the Owner Name


In this simple tips and tricks article, we explored the different ways to find the Database owner. In the next article, let’s discuss how to change the Owner of a Database. Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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