Project Folder Structure of MAUI (Preview 6)


For any project, the folder structure is very important. We can organize the files and also if required, we can amend our changes easily. In this article, we will see the default Folder Structure of MAUI Preview 6. If you are new to this article, I would like to strongly recommend you to have a look at the previous article here.

Folder Structure

Fig.1 MAUI Folder Structure

First lets look into this project file, where we can see some important details such as Target frameworks and does the project needs to use MAUI workload or not.

Fig.2 .csproj

Since MAUI is single project which is going to be deployed in multiple platforms, those platforms frameworks are mentioned in the tag <TargetFrameworks>


To use the MAUI workload, <UseMaui> tag value needs to set as true.


As we know, MAUI is a cross platform framework to build Mobile, Desktop applications from the single code base. Those multiple platforms are listed under the Platforms Folder.

Fig.3 Mobile Platform Files

The point of entry for our application is Startup.cs.

  • It includes a Configure method to pipe service registration, handler registration.
public class Startup : IStartup
		public void Configure(IAppHostBuilder appBuilder)
				.ConfigureFonts(fonts =>
					fonts.AddFont("OpenSans-Regular.ttf", "OpenSansRegular");

App.xaml and App.xaml.cs file is inherited by Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Application. The App.xaml will work same like Xamarin form and will add the all the common resources and style

Fig.4 App.xaml
Fig. 5 App.xaml.cs

This folder holds the default fonts, Images and Icons which are used in the project.

Fig. 6 Resources Folder

This file holds the UI designs of our MAUI application.  This file is mostly used to define the visual contents of a page and works together with a C# code-behind file

Fig. 7 MainPage.xaml


In this article we have discussed in a high level of Folder structure. I hope you all found this article useful. Please share your feedback in the comment section. We will explore on MAUI Applications in our upcoming articles.

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