Cycle Clipboard Ring In SSMS – Reuse Copied Items


As a developer, the most used shortcut keys are CTRL+C and CTRL+V i.e., copy and paste. But CTRL+C and CTRL+V allows us to copy paste the last item. But what happens if we want to paste more than one item that we copy or cut without going back?

Cycle Clipboard Ring

Cycle Clipboard Ring is a feature in SSMS that tracks the last 20-minutes’ activity of cut/copy. With this, we can reuse these fragments without copying multiple times. CTRL + SHIFT+ V is the shortcut for pasting the stored memory from Clipboard Ring. If we repeatedly use CTRL+SHIFT+V, we can revisit all the entries copied and select the one that we need from them.

Fig.1 Cycle Clipboard Ring


In this article, we discussed about the Cycle Clipboard Ring which is useful tip to keep the copied items of last 20 minutes. I hope you all found this article much useful. Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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