Multiple Backup Files of the SQL Server database with SSMS and T-SQL


In this article, we will learn a simple tip to take multiple backup files of one Database. Sometime we may need more than one copy of a backup file in different file location and we can achieve that in two ways, either using T-SQL Query or using SSMS.

T-SQL Statement


I have a database called PracticalWorks, and by writing Multiple DISK locations in the Backup T-SQL query, we can take multiple backup files of one Database.


Right-click on the database, go to tasks and select the option backup. In the destination session we can provide multiple locations where we want to keep the backup file.

Fig.1 Go to Backup option on Tasks option
Fig.2 Provide the disk location to backup


In this article, we have discussed the two ways to take multiple backup copies of one database. I hope you all found this tip much useful. Lets learn some other tips and tricks in upcoming articles. Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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