SQL Server Management Studio Shortcut Keys Cheat sheet


In this article, I would like to share few shortcut keys which is really useful fIn this article, I would like to share a few shortcut keys which are really useful for day to day usage in SQL Server Management Studio, which will improve your productivity.

Main Menu Bar

Main Menus in SSMS

To access the Main menu bar controls, the following are the shortcut keys,

Sl. NoShortcut KeysActions
1Alt+D+EnterOpens Debug
2Alt+EOpens Edit
3Alt+FOpens File
4Alt+HOpens Help
5Alt+POpens Project
6Alt+QOpens Query
7Alt+TOpens Tools
8Alt+VOpens View
9Alt+WOpens Window

Query Window

Query Window in SSMS

The following shortcuts can be used within the Query Window

Sl. NoShortcut KeysActions
1Alt+NOpens new Query Window
2Alt+XTo Execute Query Statement
3Alt+F1Executes sp_help System Stored procedure
4Alt+F4To Exit from SSMS
5Alt+F5To Debug Statement
6Alt+F8To Open Sever in Object Explorer
7Ctrl+ATo Select All in the Query Window
8Ctrl+CTo Copy the selected part in the window
9Ctrl+ETo Execute the statements in the window
10Ctrl+FTo access Quick Find
11Ctrl+GTo access Go To Line
12Ctrl+HTo access Quick Replace
13Ctrl+ITo access Incremental Search
14Ctrl+JTo Show List Members
15Ctrl+LTo display Estimated Execution Plan
16Ctrl+NTo open new Query Window
17Ctrl+OTo Open File from PC
18Ctrl+PTo Print
19Ctrl+STo Save current Query Window
20Ctrl+UTo change Database
21Ctrl+VTo Paste copied content
22Ctrl+WTo select a word
23Ctrl+XTo Cut
24Ctrl+YTo Redo
25Ctrl+ZTo Undo
26Ctrl+1Executes sp_who System Stored Procedure
27Ctrl+2Executes sp_lock System Stored procedure
28Ctrl+Alt+ATo access Activity Monitor Window
29Ctrl+Alt+BTo access Breakpoints Window
30Ctrl+Alt+GTo access Registered Server Window
31Ctrl+Alt+ITo access Intermediate Window
32Ctrl+Alt+KTo access Task List Window
33Ctrl+Alt+LTo access Solution Explorer
34Ctrl+Alt+OTo access Output Window
35Ctrl+Alt+RTo access Web Browser
36Ctrl+Alt+TTo access Template Explorer
37Ctrl+Alt+XTo access Tool Box window
38Ctrl+Alt+SpaceTo Complete Intelligence Suggestion
39Ctrl+Alt+F1To access Help Library Window
40Ctrl+DeleteTo Delete End of Line
41Ctrl+EndTo Reach End of the Statement
42Ctrl+F4To Close Current Query Window
43Ctrl+F5To Parse the Query
44Ctrl+Shift+F9To remove Bookmarks
45TabTo Increase Indent
46Shift+TabTo Decrease Indent
47F7To Open Object Explorer Details
48Shift+Alt+EnterFull Screen of Current Query Window
49F4To access Properties Window
50F5To Execute Query


In this article, we had a look on the important shortcut keys in SSMS. I hope you all found Informative and please try to use shortcut keys, so you can save your time. Please leave comments and thoughts.

Thanks for reading !!!! Happy Learning !!!!!!

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