SQL Developer – Roles & Responsibilities


In this article, I would like to share some of the key roles and responsibilities of a SQL Developer. This will be useful for those who wish to be a master of the database (MS SQL Server). The following is the flow of this write-up.

  • Background
  • What is SQL
  • Who is SQL Developer
  • Role and Responsibility of an SQL Developer
  • How to become SQL developer
  • Conclusion


My colleagues used to frequently ask me how to become an expert in the database. Thus, I thought to write an article for SQL Developers.

What is SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language that is used for back-end database program. There are many SQL programs available as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and SQLite etc. Based on the application requirements, the database is chosen. For mobile app development, we use SQLite. Apart from these, Azure’s cloud-based databases are also used. We can create and access the database, execute the queries, retrieve the data, and edit the data by using SQL languages.

Who is a SQL Developer?

A person who creates a database and writes SQL queries by using SQL programs is known as a SQL Developer. Mostly, SQL Database Admins or SQL Experts are called SQL Developers. The basic operation of a developer is to perform CRUD operations ( Create, Read, Update, and Delete the operation). Apart from these basic operations, many other complex operations are also done in SQL.

Roles and Responsibilities of SQL Developer

  • Designing databases and ensuring their stability, reliability, and performance. 
  • Design, create, and implement database systems based on the end user’s requirements. 
  • Impove application’s performances. 
  • Prepare documentations for database applications. 
  • Memory management for database systems.
  • Develop database schemas, tables and dictionaries. 
  • Ensure the data quality and integrity in databases. 
  • Fix any issues related to database performance and provide corrective measures. 
  • Create complex functions, scripts, stored procedures and triggers to support application development.
  • Take regular database backup.
  • Test databases and perform bug fixes.
  • Provide authentication and authorizations for Database
  • Develop best practices for database design and development activities.

How to become SQL Developer

  • First, learn the basic SQL queries, such as create, read, update, and delete a table. 
  • Then, write SQL queries manually on a paper. This will improve your logical thinking. 
  • Then, implement the written SQL on the system (Computer – MS-SQL Server Management Studio).
  • Try to code more complex SQL statements. For example, try to link more tables and fetch the data from the same.
  • There are many certications for Database Management. This gives stronger knowledge in SQL (Databases).


In this article, we have learned about Roles and Responsibilities of SQL Developers. Hope this was very useful.

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