Get Ready For Interviews

In this blog, I would like to share some of my interview experiences, and what to do and what not to do during interviews. This will help freshers mainly but experienced candidates can also improve themselves.

Applying for Job

You can apply for a job position in many ways – via their company site, via job portal, or through a referral. Before you apply, go through the complete job description. If your profile matches for that job position, then only apply for the post. Keep preparing yourself for additional skills and add those skills to your profile and resume.

Interview Time

After applying, if you are shortlisted by the HR team, they may contact you via phone or via emails initially. Mostly, they will contact in business hours. They will not conduct the Interviews immediately though.

There are many steps in the process.

First, they will call you and ask for general information about you, and they shall share their company information. After that, they will tell about the job position and location. If you are intrested, they will conduct interview.

If it is a telephonic interview, they will ask for your convenient time. Sometimes, it maybe over Skype. Make sure you have not any appointments on that scheduled date and time.
Telephonic Round

If you are having telephonic round, that means, you have to follow or make sure of some certain things.

  1. You are in good network coverage of your mobile service carrier and have enough battery life on your phone.
  2. You are in a quiet place, out of disturbance.


  1. When you talk, be clear on your points.
  2. Be confident! Your speech should make them feel that you are confident because they are not going to see your face.
  3. They will not ask anything much apart from your resume. So, keep the skills which you are familiar with.
  4. If they are asking questions that you don’t have any knowledge, tell them boldly yet politely, “I don’t know anything about this, but if got a chance, I will learn. As of now, I don’t have a clear idea of this.” Giving fake answers or assumed answers may create a bad impression.

Face-to-Face Round

If you are called for a face-to-face round, you should keep the following things in mind.

  1. Dress professionally.
  2. Be there at scheduled time and date. Reaching there a bit earlier is also good.
  3. Be confident. They will see how confident you are from your face. Don’t show your nervousness to them.
  4. Be articulate while answering the questions.

All the Best !!!!!

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