Effective Application Development

In this blog I would like to share some of my Application Development methodologies which give some more productivity in development.


When your Team Leader or Project Manager assigns a task, initially it takes more time to analyze, before you start to code. You should have a clear idea about the result before you start the coding.

Wire Frame or Notes

When a task is assigned, make  note or make a wire frame about the task. Notes means, what are the methods to be followed to complete the allocated task.

When you note the steps, you can learn the pending steps to complete the task. You can give priorities to your work and pending tasks.

Wire frame is nothing much, it’s like the result of the task which is represented in the pictorial . So you are able to learn the pending tasks.

Note the Controls

If you are doing UI based work, then make a list of Controls that are going to be used . You can learn the controls.

Keep track

Make a excel sheet even though you have project management software. In that Excel document, keep notes of your worked-on and working files. (UI, BL, DL, DB).If you have implemented any new method, please make notes on the method. 

Testing the Application

Once you have completed the task, please make a complete test on the application.

Mainly testing scenarios to be followed are UI checklist, Unit test, Performance test.

After writing the code, review the code of your own. 

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